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Preston Chariot Plane 1364

preston chariot plane

The Edward Preston Irish Pattern chariot plane number 1364 is a very early version of a low angle block plane. Over a hundred years on, this planes modern day equivalent is a Stanley 60 1/2 or a Veritas low angle block plane. This is a another Edward Preston plane with a distinctive design.

Plane Use

The Preston 1364 plane is used for end grain work and general tasks a modern block plane is used for.

Manufactured Dates

? - ?

Plane Also Known As

Edward Preston Irish Pattern plane
Preston Chariot Plane

Further Info

Further information on this tool can be found in trade catalogues and retailer brochures of the period. These tool books usually contained a drawing and a sentence or two for each tool.

Where Can I Buy This Tool Secondhand?

preston chariot plane

This model of tool can be purchased from the following woodworking tool retailers, subject to availability.

Price: 70 - 150

Shops which sell similar planes

* The price shown is a typical price. The price may vary between retailers. The price may vary between planes. Some planes may command higher prices due to condition, type, age, variations.

Plane Details

Manufacturer: Preston

Model No: 1364

Plane Type: Chariot

Date Produced: ? - ?

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70 - 150

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