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Edward Preston Tool Reviews

edward preston tools

The Tools

There were a vast range of Edward Preston tools produced during the Edward Preston reign. Many of the tools had very distinctive and elaborate designs, some of which are now highly collectable.

This website looks to document as many of the tools as possibly can be found with the use of photographs of each tool, along with information on each one and a rough retail price guide. There are many more Preston tools which will be documented here shortly.

Such were the quality and admiration of their tools, that over one hundred years on, Edward Preston tools are still used today both in their original form and in the form of manufacturers who have based their tools upon the Edward Preston tools.

During the 20th century there were numerous Record plane designs with a heavy influence from their predecessor Edward Preston planes.

Today, there is a Sheffield manufactuer producing the Clifton plane range, a number of these planes are based heavily upon the Edward Preston and Record plane ranges.

One might even suppose the maker of the 'two cherries' brand of carving tools may also have been influenced by the Edward Preston brand.

Edward Preston tools carry the EP logo within two cherries or/and they carry the Edward Preston manufacturer stamp.

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